Q17 Electric PD140W Power Bank Review

I recently bought the powerful 25000mAh Q17 Electric PD140W power bank, and I have to admit that it has exceeded my expectations. When it comes to keeping my devices powered up while I’m on the go, this power bank is a true powerhouse. Here are some of the salient characteristics and my opinions about them:

A game-changer, the 25000mAh capacity is impressive. Despite having a capacity of 15000mAh, I feel more secure knowing that I can charge my devices several times before the power bank needs to be recharged.

High-Speed Charging: The Type-C input and output are both capable of 140W charging, and it supports a number of fast charging standards like PD, PPS, QC, FCP, and AFC. This enables me to quickly charge all of my gadgets, including my laptop, iPad, and phone.

I can charge numerous devices at once because to the versatile outputs, which include two Type-C outputs and a USB-A output. When I need to fast charge several devices, the combined 140W output from C1, C2, and A is excellent.

Informative Display: A useful feature is the colour LED digital display. I can quickly assess the battery health and the actual charging power thanks to it. This knowledge will help me make sure I get the most use possible out of the power bank.

Durable Construction: The 21700 cell and aluminium alloy shell give this power bank a solid, high-end feel. It can easily withstand the rigours of both regular use and travel.

Compact Design: At 1555053mm and 652g, the Q17 Electric power bank is reasonably small given its capacity and power output. It’s convenient to carry around and fits effortlessly into my backpack or pocket.

Bonus Cable: The power bank’s inclusion of a 1m C TO C 100W quick charge wire is a wonderful touch. When I need to charge my gadgets, I don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for an appropriate cable.

I am incredibly happy with the Q17 Electric PD140W power bank overall. It has grown to be a necessary ally in both my daily life and travels. It is an excellent option for anyone looking for a dependable power bank due to its huge capacity, quick charging capabilities, sturdy construction, and informative display. I heartily endorse it to anyone looking for a high-end power bank that lives up to its promises.